Expressions of Gratitude



~Debbie is truly a gifted psychic! I am always astounded by her accuracy & warmth when delivering guidance. Over the years I have sought counsel from her on various life areas & she is always “On the money” during & after my reading. As a professional psychic/medium, I am blessed to have found Debbie to give me keen insight when I cannot provide it for myself! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants truthful & accurate guidance!




~To Deb you are the best teacher and witch I have ever met.

~ye ole lawngnome,

~Wallace (Oregon)


~Debbie, thank you so so much for having these classes. You are a
wonderful teacher and person– there just aren’t the words to describe
how awesome you are!!!

Jennifer (Oregon)


~I have enjoyed all the classes I have taken from Debbie. I have learned a lot about witchcraft, the Goddess/God and myself. The Goddess within class has helped me let go of a lot garbage that I have been carrying around for several years and bring in new positive possibilities. Wild crafting class I learned how to incorporate some of what nature has to offer into magical items for home and personal use. Magical Household I learned different ways to incorporate magic with everyday items from your cupboard. Witch craft 101 was when I knew I was in the right place for guidance without judgment. I am so thankful to have Debbie in my life as a mentor, teacher and friend for life. And also I have made new and wonderful friends for life. Thank You Debbie for your knowledge and skills.

Sheri (Oregon)


~My thoughts after the 2nd class I have participated in by Debbie of

If The Broomf Fits” – if you did not smile in pondering the name of Debbie’s business, then you should not consider participating in any of her classes.

If you do not want laughter and joy as part of your magickal and practical methods learning, by all means avoid Debbie’s classes. If you are uptight, and filled with limitations about what you think you know about magick, then an eclectic witch such as Debbie is not
who you would enjoy learning from.

If however, you are interested in learning about “your magick” that is within you, then, I, David Nelson, P.O.T.U. (Path of The Unlimited), would highly recommend that you consider Debbie of If The Broom Fits and any of her classes.

Debbie’s classes are places to learn, practice and teach. It’s not “fuzzy bunny” stuff, and it is refreshing to be in an environment of authentic reality dealing with all the light and darkness of reality.

I enjoy the people who are attracted to the community of wonderful and “real” people. Debbie teaches because it is a calling to her, not a power trip or manipulation of yet another command and control doctrine. She is a free spirit – SJUP – (Sacred Journey of the Untamed Path).
I will repeat – those who are close minded, stuck in any kind of religious or spiritual rut, clinging to things that do not work, are not interested in laughter, joy or results should really avoid Debbie’s classes.

Namaste’ and Bright Blessings.

David (Oregon)



I have known and worked with Debbie for several years. What impresses me the most is the integrity and light-heartedness that accompanies all of her work, whether as student or teacher. I have recommended her consistently and will continue to do so. She is a wonderful, talented and gifted woman. Aloha, Shastra.

Shastra Luning (Oregon)