179478_f260Rituals and ceremonies feed our spirits, making them richer and deeper. Modern culture tends to downplay the importance of the rites of passage that mark our transition from one life stage to another, but they’re as important as ever and are a good way of helping to cement a specific change in life.

A rite of passage marks a time when a person reaches a new and significant change in his or her life. A ritual is a moment in time when we pause to celebrate, take notice and create a vision. An officiant or celebrant oversees the ceremony.

I am an ordained reverend, clergy of the Universal Life Church Monastery and a Priestess of the Correllian Tradition of Wicca. I can serve the spiritual needs of many forms of spirituality, without prejudice against any belief system. I perform ceremonies in the Portland area.

The following are some of the rites of passage ceremonies I perform:


whitewonderstarRenewal of vows

whitewonderstarWiccanings/Child Blessings

whitewonderstarHouse blessings

whitewonderstarsabbat/Ebat Rituals

Whether you’re planning a blessing for your new baby or home, a rededication of vows, or a handfasting—legal or simply ceremonial—I can help you create a memorable event.

I can assist you in creating a loving, personalized ceremony, that fits your needs; a traditional or non-traditional spiritual ceremony. Your creative contributions for your sacred occasion are welcomed and your personal touch promotes the creation of a meaningful ceremony which blends your traditions and beliefs for a powerful rite of passage.

My style is open, friendly, flexible and joyful without judgment for things I don’t understand or haven’t experienced.

My guideline of Do Not’s are: I do not sacrifice anything, I do not jump out of anything, I do not wear scuba gear and I do not do any ceremony naked. Other than that, I’m usually open to your suggestions!

Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation to discuss your special ceremony, my services anjm9090bless-our-home-postersd current fees. All ceremonies are personalized and are negotiable. My fees are based on location and style of service.

In the spirit of reverence for all life, I strive to keep the focus on the beauty, warmth, and dignity of your sacred occasion.