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If The Broom Fits


Handcrafted Brooms/Besoms

Cleanse your spiritual, symbolic or environmental space with one of our Harley Davidson of brooms.

“Besom, besom, Lady’s broom
Sweep out darkness, sweep out doom”

Each full-size broom is unique, and whether your need is simply the best and longest lasting broom you’ve ever had, a ritual piece for a sacred spot in your life, a ceremonial piece for your wedding or handfasting, or a theatrical piece . . . these brooms/besoms are simply the perfect tool.


We provide the broom . . . you supply the energy . . . and together tool and owner can create magic!


Allow yourself to be swept away with one of our bewitching colors: red, natural, black, tri-colored quadra-colored (red/black/natural/blue) and our newest colors of blue and magenta broomcorn.  Oh, and for that something extra, check out our latest acquisitions . . . our Carved Spirit Brooms.


Our handcrafted brooms/besoms are made of 100% organic material.  Our 7th generation broom maker pays close attention to detail every step of the way, from harvesting the raw materials to the finished piece.  Then, it’s cleansed, blessed, anointed & named for its individual character & magickal feel by: Debbie, Zen Witch of the Pacific Northwest.  These fragrant besoms make great gifts.


Traditional brooms . . . $90.00 + S & H, any color.

Carved Spirit brooms . . . $110.00 + S & H any color.

We accept payment via Paypal. We will ship by UPS anywhere once payment is received and funds are successfully transferred.  *Shipping is usually ($20 – $50) depending on state/country to which it’s being shipped—this includes packaging.  Without proper packaging there is no guarantee your item will arrive in its original pristine.  Like any other shipping venue, UPS isn’t the most gentle, so we insist on proper packaging, and we only charge for the actual cost of shipping and packaging.


Still have questions?  Contact Debbie via email or phone.




*Ships from United States

Ready to ship in 3-7 business days