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Alder Tree – To Protect and Attract Confidence

Alder Tree – To Protect and Attract Confidence

A Protective herb for Beltaine

The alder tree is associated with the element of water, the moon, and with cleansing, protection and divination. It is related to crafts, so it is helpful in magic involving music, poetry and teaching. Its affinity for self-confidence in decision making shows itself as it helps you confront things you are avoiding. This tree’s affinity to water makes it an excellent choice for weather magic.

Alder Tree: Spiritual and Ritual Uses for Wiccans

Alder wood balances action and emotion in spell work, and is useful in death rituals to protect the dead in the afterlife. Talismans made from the wood increase the wearer’s power of speech.

Alder is also a part of the Ogham alphabet. It is the third feda – Fearn – of the Aicme Beithe, and represents the letter F. It’s meaning within this framework shifts to strength, passion, security, choices, intuition and guidance.

A Beltaine bonfire is traditionally made from nine different kinds of wood, with three pieces of each kind used. Alder is one option, and symbolizes shielding, clearing and protection. Draw this protection into your life by adding it to your Beltaine bonfire.