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Amazonite – Stone of Hope, Courage and Truth

Amazonite – Stone of Hope, Courage and Truth

A stone of communication and good fortune

Amazonite, a gentle but powerful stone, with its soothing blue-green hues of Caribbean waters, calls the bearer to find their own truth, providing clarity, strength and integrity to express and live that truth without fear of judgement. Its unique energy resonates with those who seek the truth about themselves, serving as a guide to discover our innermost self.

This is a stone of communication, empowering us to better articulate our feelings, and thoughts, and to define clear boundaries with both ourselves and others with clarity and conviction. The harmony and balance offered by Amazonite helps to express ourselves without becoming overwhelmed by emotional turbulence. This stone allows us to see a problem from a different perspective, so we can navigate challenges and resolve conflicts both internal and external.

A stone of prosperity in business, Amazonite can attract new customers and business as it is a good luck stone in matters of competition and financial ventures. This stone dispels negative energy by transforming it into creativity, especially into creative responses to the insight it offers.

Amazonite: Etymology

Amazonite most likely got its name from the Amazon river, although the deposits were not near the river or rainforest with the name. Another story claims the name comes from the famed Amazon warriors of legend, who reportedly adorned their shields with Amazonite for protection.

Amazonite: Spiritual and Ritual Uses

Amazonite is an excellent choice for meditation. This calming stone carries an energy of truth, promoting inner harmony and peace through self awareness and understanding. It calls us to an emotional equilibrium, coping with extremes as the ocean calms after a storm.

As it channels and transforms negative energy into creativity, it is an excellent choice as an amulet or charm. Its tendency to attract good luck and fortune is also a good choice for a charm. Imbue it with your intention as you bind a stone into a bracelet, and charge it under the full moon.

Keep one nearby your workspace in your business to attract fortune and prosperity. As it fosters healthy communication, it is also appropriate for the common spaces in your home. It infuses the surrounding area with positive vibrations, dispelling lingering negativity from a space.

A stone of balance, this captivating crystal is appropriate to decorate your Imbolc and Ostara altars.


Amazonite ranges in color from a bright, verdigris green to pale shades of turquoise. It can have white, yellow or grey inclusions. The stone is translucent to opaque, with a vitreous luster.