A powerful stone for general magical work

There’s something about amethyst that is appealing to many. This powerful crystal brings a calming peace, attracts wisdom, generates a protective power, cleanses and heals.

Purple has long been the color of royalty and of power, making the association with the third eye and the crown chakra obvious.

Placed beneath the pillow, amethyst drives off nightmares and insomnia; it produces a peaceful sleep, healing and even prophetic dreams. This is a powerful, spiritual stone; place one in  your receptive (left) hand, and open yourself to it’s vibrations, absorbing the energies it offers.

Amethyst bestows good judgment. This purple crystal calms fears, raises hopes and lifts spirits. It can be a powerful protection amulet.


All shades of purple

Caring for Amethyst

A fairly hard and durable stone, it should not be stored near stones that are easily scratched.

Ritual / Spell Use

  • Peace
  • Power
  • Balance
  • Wisdom
  • Dreamwork
  • Protection

This powerful purple crystal is suited to nearly any purpose you might need, but it’s properties make it most suited for ritual items of power, talismans of protection, and for dreamwork. This is such an all-around useful and flexible stone, that often I find it best to spend a moment of two “listening” to the crystal before use. 

Photo by Jen Theodore