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Apple – Magical Fruit of Abundance and Renewal

Apple – Magical Fruit of Abundance and Renewal

A popular symbol of love, fertility and knowledge

Apples are a popular symbol in Wicca, associated with love, fertility, knowledge and abundance. They also represent the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Apples: Wiccan Ritual Uses

Apples can also be used in spells for protection and prosperity. For example, it may be carved with a protective symbol and then placed in a doorway or window, or placed in a bowl of water and left overnight to infuse the water with the apple’s protective properties. This water can be used in spells and rituals of protection for yourself or your home.

The fruit is useful for many spells, as it can be carved or filled with natural objects and buried or left out as an offering. The fruit and flowers make beautiful additions to your altar.

The blossoms are a symbol of new beginnings, love, and fertility. The wood is a popular choice for wands, amulets, staffs and other magical tools. It is a protective wood that is useful in spells for protection and banishing.

Apples appear in most mythologies, from the well-known Garden of Eden, to the fruits of the Norse Gods in the Poetic Edda. When cut horizontally through the middle, the pips (seeds) display a hidden star within the fruit, and their popular association with Wicca and witches becomes clear.

Photo by Martin Bargl on Unsplash


The fruit has skins of red, green and yellow. Blossoms appear in the spring and are pinkish, turning to white as they mature.