Power in Simplicity

Black is a color of power, of stability, and of simplicity. It is protective, absorbing energies, neutralizing forces, and good for banishings and bindings.

When paired with white, it represents balance in opposites, the union of opposing forces, the other side of the coin. This is the darkness that defines the light.

While it is a neutral color in that it can be used for nearly any purpose, black is especially helpful in rituals involving creation, rebirth, karma, death, tests, sacrifice, understanding one’s limits and overcoming obstacles.

Black is a color of divination, truth and justice, and lunar magic. 

Ways to Use

Use an altar cloth or a runner that’s the right color for your ritual. Ribbon or candles or the appropriate color are a good choice for spells, and colored ink or paper can help your focus. Also remember that the color of crystals, gems and minerals often affect their properties, and may provide the power your ritual requires.

Ritual / Spell Use

  • Balance
  • Protection
  • Banishing Negativity
  • Binding
  • Karma
  • Divination

Black is a color that, like white, can be turned to any purpose with little fuss. Also, it’s a great color for a hat.


Photo by Cat Han on Unsplash

Photo by Cat Han