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Wolf Moon

Rituals for January's Esbat

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Wolf Moon Rituals

Usually falling in January, the first full moon of the year is called the Wolf Moon, Quiet Moon, Stay Home Moon, Moon After Yule, Severe Moon or Center Moon.

This is a time of quiet reflection and preparation for the new year. The winter moons are a good time for spells and amulets of protection, for meditation, and for introspection.

First Full Moon of Winter

While the solar wheel of the year calls for Yule to mark Midwinter, the Lunar calendar has winter beginning with the first full moon after Yule. 

This is a good time to take stock for the coming year. Like any esbat, it can be a time to create your moon water, perform divinations, or charge your ongoing spells as well.

Wolf Moon Rituals

Here are a few ideas to start

Inspired by the howling wolves, we are reminded this is a time of communication. Meditate on your close ties, and see where you need to focus more attention on the close ties in your circle.
Moon Water
Any full moon is a good time to create more moon water for use in your rituals.
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This is a good time to renew spells of protection around your home, self and family.
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