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Lughnasadh – Transformation of Light to Dark

Beginning of Autumn

Turn from Summer to Autumn


Lughnasadh, or Lammas, marks the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn. This cross-quarter harvest holiday falls as days are starting to grow shorter, but the weather is at its peak of warmth and sunshine, with cool evenings to remind you of the Dark yet to come. This is a time of bounty as the harvest season begins.

Lugh is god of craftsmanship, so this is the time to celebrate your crafts of all sorts. This includes your painted rocks, your sewing projects, but also your work and your witch crafts. This is a time for gratitude for the coming harvest, and a time to reap the magical harvest of spells and intentions set earlier in the year.

Lughnasadh is a time of harvest, and of preparing for the upcoming winter. Focus on hearth and home magic. Set up protection spells, cleanse the home, concentrate on rituals of abundance, transformation and change.

Lughnasadh Festival - If The Broom Fits, A Solitary Wiccan's Guide

Metals and Stones

Herbs and Plants

Lammas: Autumn's Beginning

altar decorations and seasonal correspondences

Celebrate Lughnasadh by decorating your altar with the plants and colors of the season: use green, gold, brown, yellow and bronze, along with sunflower, poppy, rose, rosemary, basil, heather and goldenrod.

Celebrate the transition to autumn with foods like bread, honey, oat cakes, corn, root vegetables, mushrooms, wine, berries, jams and pies

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