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Initiation: A Year And A Day To Determine Sincere Belief

A Time of Initiation


A Year And A Day

Initiation is the formal admission or introduction into an organization or to a new status, or the act of including someone into a closed or restricted group. A ritual or rite of passage of some sort is implied. Whether one joins a coven or chooses to celebrate and worship in solitude, a time of introspection and learning is customary. For Wiccans, the tradition is a year and a day.

During this time of consideration, an initiate is expected to observe the rituals and holidays, providing them first-hand experiences. Religion is a deeply personal choice, and this knowledge and practice allows the initiate to actively decide if this path is beneficial and appropriate for them.

Wiccan Initiation Ritual Items including Crystal Tipped wand, Besom Broom, Goddess pendant on chain, daisy, pentagram, pentacle, witch


A solitary witch often performs a self-dedication to announce this decision to themself and the deities.

There’s plenty of guidance and even full rituals available to follow, or a witch can create their own ritual of dedication. 


Joining a coven is an enriching experience for any witch. Finding a coven that suits you – and that you suit – can be as difficult (or as easy) as finding a spouse. This is a long-term commitment, and should be treated as such.

Each coven will have its own initiation rituals, usually kept secret from outsiders. They will instruct you at the appropriate point.

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