Beginning of Winter

Close of Autumn, Welcome Winter


Samhain marks the end of Autumn, and the turning of the wheel into Winter. On this night the veil between the worlds is at its most permeable, so we honor the cycle of life and death, and your ancestors.

This is the New Year’s Eve of the Wiccan Solar Wheel of the Year, and as such is a time to release the old: bad habits and toxic relationships, illness, failure and poverty; everything you do not want to carry into the new year. Sweep negativity out of your home, end quarrels, settle debts, make amends or restitution if needed.

Perform yearly divination, balance between the cycles of life, transitions, protection, honor your ancestors, meditate on reincarnation, past and future lives. This is a time for spells for prosperity and security for your family

Samhain Festival - If The Broom Fits, A Solitary Wiccan's Guide

Metals and Stones

Herbs and Plants

Samhain: Autumn becomes Winter

altar decorations and seasonal correspondences

Celebrate Samhain by decorating your altar with the plants and colors of the season: use rich colors of the fading autumn including black, orange, brown and purple. Include herbs like bay, cinnamon, apple, clove, ginger, mandrake, rosemary and sage.

This is a time of unions, so cord or knot magick is especially powerful. Celebrate the transition from autumn to winter with foods like cranberries, pumpkin, apple, corn, cider, potato, turnips and spice cake.

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