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Citrine – Attract Wealth and Fortune with the Merchant’s Stone

Citrine – Attract Wealth and Fortune with the Merchant’s Stone

A stone that welcomes abundance and fortune

Citrine was once thought to hold sunlight, and has been known as the Success Stone, the Sunshine Stone, a Money Stone, and the Merchant’s Stone. Useful for protection, to improve communication and to attract wealth, this warm stone welcomes abundance, fortune, wealth and prosperity.

Citrine: Appearance and Etymology

Citrine is a transparent, pale yellow to brownish orange gemstone. The name is derived from citron, the French word for “lemon“.

Citrine: Spiritual and Ritual Uses

It is a symbol of vitality, new beginnings, mental clarity and imagination. Carrying the power of the sun, it is warm and comforting, energizing, and life-giving, it clears the mind, and calls one to action.

Citrine is named after its lemony color, and it brings with it some of that zest and sharpness, giving rituals and spells a little extra boost. Its joyful color helps boost positivity, as it converts negative energies.

This bright stone has a strong affiliation with money, success, fortune and abundance, making it an excellent choice for a prosperity charm. It also has properties of protection, vitality, new beginnings and imagination. This is a good stone for communication, and is appropriate for success in new ventures.

Citrine crystals
Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash


Transparent, pale yellow to brownish orange.




Intense light can fade citrine, and it can fracture in extreme temperatures. Avoid heat and steam.