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Daisy – A Charming Flower of Innocent Beauty

Daisy – A Charming Flower of Innocent Beauty

A popular flower for offerings and Sabbats

Daisies are a versatile and powerful flower that can be used for a variety of purposes in Wicca. They are associated with many different meanings and uses, and they can be used to promote love, purity, new beginnings, protection, and healing. They are a popular choice, and are a great way to add a touch of magic to your life.

Daisy: Spiritual and Wiccan Ritual Uses

The daisy represents purity and innocence, making it a suitable offering to any Goddess, and they also make wonderful wreaths for wearing in the hair on Beltaine or Midsummer. They attract love, luck, joy and happiness. Daisies are generally not seen as a flower for a passionate love. Instead they are used in love spells for long-lasting love or friendship. They can also be used in protection spells, as they are believed to ward off evil spirits and negative energy.

These wildflowers are also associated with the goddesses Venus and Aphrodite. Venus is the Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility, while Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. Both goddesses are said to be fond of daisies, and the flower is often used in rituals and spells honoring them. In addition to their magical properties, they are also a beautiful and versatile flower. They can be used in floral arrangements, wreaths and other decorations, and can also be dried and used in potpourri or sachets. If you are looking for a flower that is both beautiful and magical, these bright and cheerful wildflowers are a great choice.

  • Use for new baby blessings, and also divination and transformation.
  • Decorate the house with daisies at Midsummer’s Eve to bring happiness to the home and to obtain the blessings of faeries.
  • Wear at Midsummer for luck and blessings.
  • Plant a daisy in your garden to symbolize a new beginning.
  • Fill small vases with daisies and keep them in the home to form a protective net which keeps you feeling safe joyful.
  • Placing a bouquet on your desk will help to reignite your passion for a project you’re struggling with.
  • These flowers are a good choice for protection sachets and spells.


White petals surrounding a yellow center.