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Emerald – A Tantalizing Symbol of Wealth

Emerald – A Tantalizing Symbol of Wealth

A stone of renewal, fertility and balance

The rich green color echoes the fertile color of spring, and it has long been a symbol of romance, hope and rebirth. It also aids in fertility and attracts love and prosperity. And this brilliant green gem offers powerful protection, especially for safe travel and security.

Emerald: Appearance, History and Etymology

Emerald is a gemstone and a variety of the mineral beryl. They occur in hues of green ranging from yellow-green to blue-green. Only gems that are medium to dark in tone are considered emeralds; light-toned gems are green beryl. The word is derived from Vulgar Latin: esmaralda/esmaraldus. According to Webster’s Dictionary the term was first used in the 14th century.

Emerald Spiritual Meaning

Wearing one improves memory, stimulates creativity and increases intuitive intelligence, which enables you to think clearly about emotions and emotional things. Because of the color, this gemstone is encouraging, calming and balancing.

This green gem is associated with prosperity and abundance, especially for business. The earthy stone also has strong protective qualities, which makes it appropriate for some defensive or banishing rituals. This combination also makes it an excellent choice as a talisman for someone who travels for business frequently.

Emeralds are also strongly connected to the mind, to both creativity and intellect. They attract a sharper wit, eloquence, and inspiration.


All shades of green.




A fairly hard and durable stone, it should not be stored near stones that are easily scratched.