A protective metal suitable for spellwork

Gold is an appropriate representation of sun-deities, of the God, of male force and authority. The precious material is also associated with protection, intelligence, creativity, hope and purity.

Like calls to like, and this shining metal projects self-confidence, inner strength, financial security, fortune and worldly power. Therefore it will call the same qualities to is bearer. It’s a superb channeling substance, making it an excellent choice for spellwork. 


A bright and malleable orange-yellow metal

Caring for Gold

This is a soft metal, making it susceptible to dings, scratches and dents. Avoid harsh chemicals.

Ritual / Spell Use

  • Purity
  • Abundance
  • Worldly Power
  • Prosperity
  • Intelligence
  • Creativity

The mystery and allure of gold aren’t just myths. We are drawn to this shining metal because it holds magick and energies very well, making it ideal for use in spellwork. Magicians throughout history made amulets and talismans using the precious metal for good reasons.

Remember the color can work as effectively as the metal in most spells. So also consider using ribbon, paper or ink, not just the metal. Try it in your protection and prosperity spells for yourself and your home and see what power gold brings to your rituals and spells!

Photo by Jingming Pan