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Lavender to Calm an Anxious Mind

Lavender to Calm an Anxious Mind

A flower of romance, peace and purity.

Lavender is most commonly associated with peaceful relaxation, love and devotion. This herb has a light, romantic scent and flavor. It is a flower of grace and serenity, and it used in many religious ceremonies.

Lavender: Definition and Etymology

Lavender is a genus of fragrant flowering plants in the mint family. The flowers are contained in whorls, held on spikes rising above the foliage, the spikes being branched in some species. The English word lavender came into use in the 13th century, and is generally thought to derive from Old French lavendre, ultimately from Latin lavare, meaning “to wash.”

Ritual and Magical Uses for Wiccans

When given as a gift, it symbolizes new adventures and opportunities. As an asperging (sprinkling water for purification purposes) herb, it’s a prime choice, especially given its association with purity and purification. When dried into sticks or wands, it can be burnt like incense to dispel negativity.

Lavender is also useful in spells to sharpen the mind, to encourage or strengthen pure love and to encourage fertility.

Burning lavender incense keeps negative energy away and attracts prosperity. It is ideal to include in rituals that are about sex, fertility, love, insight or healing. Purify yourself or your ritual tools with the essential oil, as it purifies and releases negative energies.

Clear your mind by adding the oil to a diffuser. Inhale positive energy along with the vapor, then exhale any negative thoughts. Burn the flowers, or sprinkle them along the floor of your home to ward away evil spirits. Use the fresh sprigs to sprinkle blessed water.


The pale shade of purple named Lavender refers specifically to the color of this herb.




Dry, burn or use for culinary purposes. Produces a popular essential oil.