They Say 'Witch' Like It's A Bad Thing

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Stay for a spell...

Merry we meet...

Merry Meet! When I was younger, I was pretty sure the universe gave me signs. It didn’t take me long to remove the “pretty” from that bit of insight.

Recently, I found my original Book of Shadows. This poor thing, it’s less a book and more of a chaotic collection of papers, pages and notes barely held together with some remnants of tape and a few frayed threads that used to be a binding. To say that it needed updating is like saying water is wet.

As I mulled over what I wanted in my updated Book, it seemed every week I would get a question from someone about a plant, a crystal, a good incense to cleanse a space. It felt a little like I suddenly had a pentagram blazing over my head at all times, shouting “Witchy Answers Here!” Which led me to start this project.

We’re all witches here. So, if the broom fits… fly it! To quote the witch Hazel (that’s a Bugs Bunny reference!): “And away we go!”

"Unruly women are always witches no matter what century we’re in."
~Roxane Gay

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