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Palo Santo – Energetic Cleansing and Protect from Negative Energy

Palo Santo – Energetic Cleansing and Protect from Negative Energy

An alternative to sage for purification

While sage is a popular way to cleanse a space, Palo Santo also offers a similar energetic cleansing with a sweeter scent. The sweet, woodsy scent attracts a positive energy, replacing any lingering negative energies. Burning this incense to transition from the work day into the home-time is highly effective, especially if you work from your home.

Palo Santo: Spiritual and Ritual Uses

A small tree native to South and Central America, Palo Santo has centuries of use by the native peoples of those areas for spiritual and medicinal purposes. It is associated with the element of air and with the sun, and has properties of protection, healing and purification.

Wood from this tree is a popular choice for wands, staffs, and many ritual items. It is also used to make incense, oils and other magical preparations. This fragrant wood lends a powerful protection against negative energy, calling positive energy towards it. It is also good for rituals of healing and purification.

Palo Santo is an excellent choice for purification and cleansing. It clears away negative energy by attracting a more positive and peaceful energy into the environment. Palo Santo is also a symbol of hope and renewal. 


Palo Santo is dioecious, meaning the male and female reproductive structures develop on different individuals. The male flowers are tiny white to greenish, and are arranged on long stalks above the crown. The female flowers are approximately 5 cm long, and are a very showy red or pink. The gender of the plant affects the density and color of the dried wood. In addition to the difference in color and density, the male and female flowers also produce different scents. The male flowers have a sweet, citrusy scent, while the female flowers have a more earthy, musky scent.