A symbol of cycles, power and the infinite

The spiral represents the fifth element, the spirit. It represents life, creation, birth and rebirth, evolution, awareness, movement, and growth or development. It is a symbol of our ability to constantly keep exploring and learning, and the mastery of the mind over the four elements. Spirals symbolize nature, the seasons, reincarnation and the pursuit of knowledge. It is associated with black, white and purple.

A spiral symbolizes the link between the body and the soul, spirituality, wholeness, connectedness, the universe, infinite time, the veil, ancestors, secrets, the unknown, innocence, spirit guides and the deities.

Use this symbol when connecting with ancestors, spirit guides, or the dead, for shadow work, divination, and when watching for signs and symbols from the universe, ancestors, or spirit guides.

Ritual / Spell Use

  • Spirit
  • Cycles
  • Power
  • Learning, the Path to Mastery
  • Seasons
  • Infinite
  • Secrets
  • Movement

This powerful symbol is suited to many purposes, but it’s properties make it most suited for rituals related to renewal and rebirth, or any rituals related to cycles. It is a powerful symbol for learning, movement and secrets, making it appropriate for  rites of initiation.

Photo by Kevin Bergen