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Tarot cards, runes, pendulums, scrying and more


Divination is the practice of seeking insight or knowledge of the future or the unknown by way of an occultic, standardized process or ritual. There are many tools and methods, but the ones I’m most familiar with are cartomancy, runes, scrying or a pendulum.

Cartomancy is the art of using cards to foretell the future. Most well known for this are Tarot cards, but any deck of cards can be used for a reading, and there are extensive sources for meanings of each card. Like any tool, the witch should be comfortable and familiar with her cards; it makes the reading, like the magick, go more smoothly.

There are several kinds of runes that can be used to divine the messages the universe is trying to impart. Find a set that has meaning for you, or makes the most sense. Like your cards, you need to be familiar with the runes. Futhark runes are very popular, as are witch’s runes, and for some people, the Ogham sticks are or the I Ching are more comfortable. 

Scrying is seeking images and impressions. Crystal balls are popular for this, but also a bowl of water that is reflecting the light of the moon can be an effective way to commune with the Divine.

A pendulum is a simple enough tool to make, and is usually held over a simple shape of a star, with meanings assigned to certain movements. This is a great way to get simple yes/no answers, but lacks the depth of many of the other methods.

Fortune Telling

Cartomancy and Runes

Using cards or runes to divine intentions or the future

Divination by Scrying in a crystal ball or reflective surface


Decks of cards, especially Tarot cards

Divination using Runes of various sorts


Norse Futhark, Celtic Ogham, Wiccan Runes

Divination using a Pendulum and an answer map


Gaining insight with a simple pendulum over a map of basic answers

Divination by Scrying in a crystal ball or reflective surface


Viewing images in reflections and against unfocused backgrounds

Seeking Answers & Insight

Pendulums and Scrying

Seeking insight from questions and from images.

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