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Creating Your Own Rituals

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Rituals are Personal

Creating Unique Rituals to Manifest Your Desires

Sometimes you can’t find the perfect ritual to manifest your desire. Creating custom rituals isn’t as difficult as it might sound. A little thought, a dash of research, a pinch of practice and you’re ready to stir up your own magick.

Here's your step-by-step to creating your own rituals!

Crafting Rituals

Determine the Goal

1. Determine Goal

A clearly defined goal is the most achievable. Be specific and singular. Don't mix creating a healing amulet with a ritual for abundance.

Find Correspondences

2. Select Correspondences

There are dozens of things that correspond to nearly every intention. Not all are appropriate for all situations. Not all are practical. Draw up a list of potential materials, including symbols, colors, crystals, etc. Winnow this initial list down into what is practical, possible and suitable, then select what you feel is best for the situation.

Craft the Rhyme

3. Craft Rhyme

"To bind the spell well every time, Let the spell be spake in rhyme." A rhyme isn't strictly necessary, but seems to work best. Let your inner voice guide you, this is about phrasing your intentions, and requesting a blessing, assistance or guidance for your goal. For example, a consecration chant may not rhyme, but if the words resonate with the practitioner, the power is present.

Draft the Spell

4. Draft Spell

Draft the entire ritual or spell. List the tools and materials / ingredients, the steps, process, etc. This will help you be sure you haven't overlooked any steps (What about the ritual meal? The bath?) and allow you to revise any parts you feel aren't smoothly intertwining into the whole. It's like a dress rehearsal.

Perform Divination

5. Divination

Even a simple Yes-No divination before actively casting a spell is a good idea, just to be sure the Goddess and/or God aren't in strong disagreement, or that serious negative repercussions aren't waiting for the caster.

Finalize the Spell

6. Finalize Spell

Finalize your draft. Practice any part that you feel needs it. A smooth ritual boosts your confidence, which in turn boosts the power raised.

Gather Tools and Materials

7. Gather Ritual Items

Gather together all the tools and materials you will need for the ritual. Once the circle is cast, you don't want to break it to grab that crystal.

Remember drinking water. It's often thirsty work.

Cleanse Self and Space

8. Cleansing

If your altar is not permanent, cleanse the space and set up your altar. If your ritual does not call for cleansing the materials and tools, you may want to do this before you begin. Cleanse yourself in your preferred fashion, and set aside a few minutes to meditate and clear your mind before you begin.

Perform Ritual

9. Perform Ritual

Cast your circle.
Perform ritual or cast spell.
Bless (and eat if you choose) ritual meal.
Close your circle and disperse excess energy.
Leave ritual meal remains as offering.

we love them

Simple spells and charms

Spring Cleansing Spray
Spring Cleansing SprayPurifying & Cleansing
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Gather some lavender, salt and a lemon together and infuse with intentions of cleansing & purifying. Reserve a curl of lemon peel. Cut up lemon and place with salt and lavender in a small pot. Cover with water and bring to a simmer for 3-5 minutes. Let cool completely and strain water into a spray bottle with reserved lemon peel. Keep in fridge up to a month. Spray as needed to cleanse your home.
Letting Go of Something
Letting Go of SomethingReleasing
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Gather a black candle, a lighter, your athame and your cauldron. In your sacred space, Take your athame and candle, and carve symbols of that which you wish to release. (Words are symbols too.) Imbue with the thoughts and feelings you associate with the subject. Place the candle in your cauldron, light the candle and focus on releasing and letting go, and on yourself without the subject. Allow candle to burn out completely.
Prosperity Charm
Prosperity CharmProsperity
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Gather together a green candle, a coin, cinnamon oil, athame, cauldron and lighter. Mark a prosperity symbol on the candle using your athame. Anoint the candle with cinnamon oil. Infuse the candle with your intention. Place the candle on the coin, in the cauldron. Light the candle. Let it burn out in the cauldron. Keep the coin with you as a charm to attract prosperity.

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